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Dps Skis - Yvette 112 Pure Ski

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Powder in the morning, crud in the afternoon, and carving groomed down to the lift. The Yvette 112RP combines the loose and early planing feel of a fully rockered ski with aggressive sidecut and slight camber underfoot. Borrowing the basic geometry of the award winning Wailer 112RP, the Yvette 112RP is the most versatile women's ski ever built.

  • Pure Prepreg Carbon Laminates and Nanotech Resins 
  • A specially designed poplar/x-wood core that mates with the carbon build 
  • The fastest and hardest Austrian World Cup race bases 
  • 2 mm edges 
  • The finest ISO Polyamide tops and burly UHMW sidewalls.

Combining space age prepreg carbon fiber laminates with the durability of a burly sidewall build, its the only pure carbon sandwich ski in existence. 

DPS PURE SKIS ARE THE PRODUCT OF FOUR YEARS OF INTENSE DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING. Its a ski that is truly unique and that feels unlike anything else made; a ski that actually makes you rip harder because it produces more power, is more reactive, and weighs less than traditional skis. Pure skis also have a practically infinite flex life, and don't break down like normal glass skis- endowing them with immense value.

While 99.9% of the skis available on the market are built using fiberglass and/or metal (aluminum). The prepreg carbon and nano resins used in all DPS skis have twice the strength of fiberglass (3 times the strength of aluminum) while weighing half as much.

CARBON SKIS ARE THE FUTURE. Once most people experience the power of a carbon ride, few go back to conventional builds.

 Power & ride: Carbon has 20% more torsional stiffness than a wood/fiberglass construction. That means power, stability, and amazing edge grip.

 Durability: All DPS boards are using a sandwich construction with ultra-strong UHMW sidewalls, a poplar/x-wood core, wide 2 mm edges, and a thickened base profile that turns the inevitability of rock hits into less base welds.

Carbon is precisely flexed, doesn't warp, and retains nearly 100% of its flex for the life of the ski.

Seasons down the road, your skis will retain the same snap as your first day on them. A DPS ski becomes a great value and investment; they wont start dying after a month like a fiberglass/wood blend. You no longer have to buy a new pair every year just to revive that sweet first-day pop. Instead, you can focus on building your quiver.

 Weight: Traditionally, light skis are under performers because ski builders remove the materials that endow the ski with its performance characteristics in order to shed weight. Its always been a compromise. With a carbon ski, you dont give up anything. The materials let the ski outperform even the burliest metal constructions, while weighing on average 30% less.

1. Turn initiation is instantaneous and transitions are super fast. 
2. In powder, you float better and go faster while expending less energy. 
3. Skinning is easier and more fun. 
4. When jumping, you spin with skis that are not ounces, but pounds lighter.

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