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Exped - SynMat 7 Sleeping Pad

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A big sleeping mat for big-time comfort, the Exped Synmat 7 series uses unique construction techniques to achieve a unique level of sleeping satisfaction. Far from being just a simple air mattress, the Synmat 7 is filled with synthetic insulation for better protection against the cold ground (R-value: 4.9). There other mats out there with synthetic insulation inside, but the Exped Synmat is the only one in which the insulation is laminated to both the top and bottom of the mat, instead of just the bottom. The integrated pump is also unique, as it allows you to use your arms to inflate the mat instead of your lungs. You put two hands on the pump, and essentially give the mat CPR until it's inflated. No breaths required.

For car camping, check out the Wide versions of the SynMat (7 LW and 9 LW). Go ahead and roll over - these mats really let you stretch out, relax, and sleep!

  • Two low profile valves (patent pending), one for inflation and the other for deflation, ensure ease of use. As the valves are flat and not on the mat‘s edge they do not protrude and are therefore protected and durable.
  • Welded baffles between the microfiber filled chambers, unlike traditional airmats, eliminate cold spots and create a comfortably supportive and stable air cushion.
  • Laminated polyester fabric is both durable, airtight and humidity resistant. The shell‘s top surface is of brushed polyester fabric that provides excellent slip resistance and comfort next to the skin. The seams are high frequency welded for durability.
  • Light and warm: The Synmat 7 has a heat resistance value (R-value) of 4.9. At about the same weight, a standard 2.5 cm self inflating mat only offers a R-value of 2.5. EMPA tests demonstrated that regular mats lose 3x more heat to cold ground than to the air. The conclusion is that a warmer mat is more important than a warmer sleeping bag.
  • Included: repair kit with adhesive and fabric patches.

SynMat 7 Small
Size   163 x 52 x 7 cm/64 x 20   x2.8"
Weight 765 g/27 oz
Packed 23 x 14 cm/
Temperature -17ºC
R-Value 4.9
Fill Weight 160 g/m² Texpedloft Microfiber
SynMat 7 Medium
Size 183 x 52 x 7 cm/72 x 20 x 2.8"
Weight 835 g/29.5 oz
Packed 21 x 15 cm/8 x 6"
Temperature -17º C
R-Value 4.9
Fill Weight 160 g/m² Texpedloft Microfiber
SynMat 7 Medium Wide
Size 197 x 65 x 7 cm/77.5 x 26 x 2.8
Weight 1090 g/38.4 oz
Packed 27 x 15 cm/11 x 6"
Temperature -17º C
R-Value 4.9
Fill Weight 160 g/m² Texpedloft Microfiber
SynMat 9 Long Wide
Size 197 x 65 x 9 cm/77.5 x 26 x 3.5"
Weight 1155 g/40.7 oz
Packed 27 x 16 cm/11 x 6.3"
Temperature -25º C
R-Value 6.0
Fill Weight 200 g/m² Texpedloft Microfiber

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