Outdoor Gear Exchange Help Center

1 General FAQ's

1.1 What is the Outdoor Gear Exchange/What is GearX.com?

1.2 What is your address, what are your store hours?

1.3 What is your Price-Matching policy?

1.4 Are you hiring?

1.5 Can I do an In-Store Pick-Up for an Online Purchase?

You sure can! Simply leave a comment with your order stating that you want to physically pick up your items at our store.

2 Shipping FAQ's

2.1 How do I get free shipping?

2.2 What are your shipping options?

2.3 What are your Canadian shipping options?

2.4 Do you ship internationally?


3 Returns & Exchanges

3.1 Our Return Policy

3.2 Our Satisfaction Guarantee

3.3 Climbing Gear & Mounted Ski Policy

3.4 Return Instructions

3.5 Refused Delivery Policy


4 Consignment FAQ's

4.1 What is the consignment process?

4.2 How do I mail in items for consignment?

4.3 How can I check my consignment balance?

4.4 My consigned items sold, how do I collect my balance?

4.5 Can I use my consignment balance on GearX.com?

4.6 I have a large number of items to consign, what should I do?

4.7 What are you accepting in consignment currently?

4.8 Can I return items bought from consignment?

You may! But only within 7 days of the purchase date. This is non-negotiable.