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Fischer - Exercise Skate NIS Binding

Fischer - Exercise Skate NIS Binding

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Manual NIS binding for sporty skiers and amateur racers. Only compatible with skis that have NIS plates (plastic plates with grooves in the middle of the ski).


  • Broader binding plate increases the contact area between boot and binding. This gives the sole of the boot additional support that can be felt by all skiers in the form of improved stability.
  • Dual guide rail increases stability and system control considerably. Power transfer and control, especially in sideways motion impulses to the ski are optimised as a result.
  • Minimised space between boot and ski ensures excellent power transfer and sensitivity. No other binding system brings the human foot so close to the cross country ski.
  • Patented Dual Flexor System is used on the skating bindings. The additional binding flexor keeps the ski horizontally balanced after very leg kick and prevents the ski tip or tail from becoming cyught in the snow.
  • NIS system enables you to slide the binding backwards and forwards. This means you can fine-tune the balance point to your personal requirements and also react to varying skiing styles or snow and track conditions at all times.
  • FLEX: 60 ShA
  • MECHANISM: Manual
  • WEIGHT: 230 g
  • BOOT SIZE RANGE: 35 - 52

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a resolution to a broken binding

HI FeBa, so sorry about your binding breaking in this instance! It seems like the conditions you are skiing in require a burlier binding system as these skate bindings are not designed or intended to be used in deep snow. Feel free to call or come in at any time and we can work with you to fix this problem!

Weak Binding

During a session in deep snow, the right binding broke when attempting to turn clockwise while standing still on the afternoon of New Year's Eve - a very unfortunate time for this to break!

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