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Framed - Minnesota 2.0 Women's Fat Bike

Framed - Minnesota 2.0 Women's Fat Bike

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Framed Bikes likes to approach cycling from a problem to solution angle. They noticed a lot of women on men’s fat bikes…and that’s a problem. So they spent a year working closely with some local female rippers. Now, Framed is very proud to introduce the first-ever women’s-specific fat bike. It’s specifically engineered to accommodate the unique features of the female body without sacrificing performance. So what makes it women's-specific? It's built in 15” and 17” frame sizes with a lower stand over height. Framed also shortened the handlebar length (680mm), shortened the crank arm length to 170mm and threw on a comfortable women’s saddle.

The Women’s 2.0 is also compatible with the Framed Fattie Slims™ 29er wheel set (sold separately). This is a ready to ride 29er hybrid/slick wheel set (w/rotors and cassette mounted). The additional wheel set options (Pat.Pending) allow switching from a "fat setup" to an even lighter, even faster "29 Fattie Slims™ wheel set" with no tools or mechanical skills.

Please note, some photos show Schrader valves but all production bikes will have Presta valves.

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