Granite Gear - Vapor Current Airbeam Frame

Granite Gear - Vapor Current Airbeam Frame

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Saving weight while carrying more weight seems like a paradox, but that's what Granite Gear's Vapor Current Airbeam frame allows you to do. You can use it to replace the stock frame in any Vapor Current series pack, including the Leopard VC 46, Aji VC 50 and Crown VC 60. Using the Airbeam frame saves 3 ounces compared to the stock frame while simultaneously increasing the pack's carrying capacity to 40 pounds from 35. It even doubles as a sleeping pad extender when used in conjunction with any 3/4 length sleeping pad.


  • Compatible Upgrade for all Vapor Current Packs Including Leopard VC 46, Aji VC 50 & Crown VC 60
  • Saves 3oz Over Stock VC Frame, Improves Performance to 40 lbs Load
  • Doubles as a Sleeping Pad Extender (Use ¾ length pad + frame)
  • Available in short, regular, and long torso
  • Weighs 90 grams / 3 ounces

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