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Grayl - Water Filters

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Grayl - Water Filters

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GRAYL makes water treatment for every occasion, whether that be at the tap, on the trail, or when facing the rigors of international travel. Their interchangeable filter system provides the amount and kind of filtration your lifestyle and location demands.


  • Tap Filter: Simple, effective water filtration for tap water. The TAP Filter removes many chemicals (e.g. chlorine, iodine) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic) that affect health, flavor and odor. The filter is compatible with all GRAYL filtration cups and produces clean, fresh tasting, odorless water in 7 seconds. 
  • Trail Filter: Simple, effective water filtration for most outdoor water sources. The TRAIL Filter is easy to use and produces clean, fresh tasting, odorless water in 15 seconds. Designed to protect against waterborne bacteria and protozoan cysts; the trail filter is perfect for activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and fly fishing.
  • Travel Purifier: The ultimate in filtration and purification technology, the TRAVEL Purifier is suitable for the rigors of international travel and use in highly impacted wilderness areas. Designed to protect against viruses, protozoa, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals; the travel purifier is perfect for international use, hiking, camping, canoeing, fly fishing and most outdoor water sources worldwide.

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