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Hikers & Campers

For the friend who wakes up at 3 AM to greet the sunrise at the top of a mountain, one of these gifts will show that you really care about them even though you never have and never will get up with them at 3 AM to greet the sunrise at the top of a mountain.

For the Hiker & Camper

The Snow-Obsessed

Skiing, riding, frontcountry, backcountry, sidecountry—you have someone on your list who is big into one or more of these things. Make sure you check which ones (be subtle about it—gifts are better when they're a surprise!) and get them a sweet gift.

For the Snow-Obsessed

Fitness Focused

For one that finds 100 mile rides fun, biking in the dark, and running up mountains, something from this collection of gifts will be sure to get their heart racing—up to 48 beats per minute.

For the Fitness Focused

Style Minded

For the friend who's come to the realization that a little stretch goes a long way; who looks as comfortable on-trail as they do during a night out on the town; who dresses in what is known colloquially as, "The Vermont Uniform". Get them a new piece for their wardrobe.

For the Stylish Outdoorsperson

Dirtbag Climbers

These folks are often the most appreciative of thoughtful gifts, even if they "totally spaced on getting you something this year, man." Remember, most gifts that you can buy a climber could be responsible for saving their life, and since you like this person enough to get them a gift in the first place, you practically owe it to them, or something.

For the Dirtbag Climber

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are great—it's the one time you can buy gifts based on size. They're also by and large the category of gift people like to receive the most. Who doesn't like to see a full stocking hanging on their mantle?

Sweet Stocking Stuffers