Welcome to Outdoor Gear Exchange!

Outdoor Gear Exchange

We’re excited to announce that we are rolling out a website redesign and rebrand!

GearX.com has been Outdoor Gear Exchange’s online face for 20 years, and it’s bittersweet to see the name and logo go. We’ve decided to consolidate our online and brick and mortar business to simply "Outdoor Gear Exchange" and bridge the gap between our online and in-store customers.

As ever, we’re proud to provide the highest level of customer service available no matter how our customers choose to interact with us, whether it’s through our shop in Burlington, Vermont or through this website.

Our website redesign aims to make your online shopping experience even better, and we’ll continue to roll out updates in the coming months to make it even easier to find, shop, and learn about all of the great outdoor gear we sell!

Have questions? Check it out:

Am I still on GearX.com?

You most certainly are! Don’t let the new color scheme and logo fool you, this is the same great website you’ve been getting the best deals on all of your outdoor gear at for 20 years.

Do I have to change my bookmarks?

Nope! Our domain name is still www.gearx.com, just the name of the website has changed.

What’s the “Exchange” in Outdoor Gear Exchange mean?

Our brick and mortar location in Burlington, VT is home to an award-winning consignment shop! We’re proud to offer not only the latest and greatest outdoor gear our brands have to offer, but to also find new homes for gently-used gear while sharing the profits with our customers.