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Our Demo Program

At Outdoor Gear Exchange, we understand that the decision to purchase a new mountain bike is not one to be taken lightly. You'll want to try before you buy! We have one of the most impressive mountain bike demo fleets in the northeast, and taking one of them out for a day is encouraged to get you off the fence—and on the trail—with the bike you want.

The best part? The cost of demo-ing a bike from us for a day will be deducted from the cost of the model you choose to buy! Read on for the models available for demo use and rates.

Mountain Bikes Available For Demo

Multiple sizes of each model are available; call for details.

The daily rate to demo a mountain bike is $69, a half-day demo is $49.[1] A $200 damage deposit is required.[2]


  • 2018 Mach 5.5 PRO XT
  • 2017 Firebird PRO XT

Rocky Mountain

Yeti Cycles


Our Rental Program

Our stable of rental equipment runs the gamut from skis and boots to SUPs, canoes, and bikes. If you're in the Burlington area, and want to go on an adventure with some cool gear, we've got you covered!

Read on for details and rates, and as always, feel free to call 888-547-4327 or drop into a live chat with one of our resident gear experts for any specific questions. Planning a multi-day excursion? Make sure to check out our scaled rates to save some money![3]

Our Premier Rental Bikes

Marin Bikes

Rocky Mountain

Transition Logo

Our Town Rental Bikes

Fuji Bikes


Rental Rates

Premier Bike Rentals

  • Full Day: $49
  • Half Day: $29
  • 2–6 Days: $39/Day
  • 7+ Days: $29/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Town Bike Rentals

  • Full Day: $29
  • Half Day: $19
  • 2–6 Days: $24/Day
  • 7+ Days: $19/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Watersport Rentals

  • Canoe Full Day: $45
  • Canoe Half Day: $35
  • SUP Full Day: $45
  • SUP Half Day: $35
  • Damage Deposit: $200

Miscellaneous Rentals

  • Bear Keg: $4/Day
  • Crampons: $9/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $50

Alpine Touring Rentals

  • AT Boots: $25/Day
  • AT Skis: $25/Day
  • AT Package (Skis and Boots): $45/Day
  • AT Package with Skins included: $55/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Skins: $10/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Telemark Rentals

  • Telemark Boots: $25/Day
  • Telemark Skis: $25/Day
  • Telemark Package (Skis and Boots): $40/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Skins: $10/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

XCD Rentals

  • XCD Boots: $20/Day
  • XCD Skis: $20/Day
  • XCD Package (Skis and Boots): $25/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Skins: $10/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Nordic Rentals

  • Nordic Boots: $20/Day
  • Nordic Skis: $20/Day
  • Nordic Package (Skis and Boots): $25/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Splitboard Rentals

  • Splitboard (No bindings): $25/Day
  • Splitboard Bindings: $15/Day
  • Splitboard Skins: $10/Day
  • Splitboard Package (Splitboard, Bindings and Skins): $45/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $100

Snowshoe Rentals

  • Snowshoes: $9/Day
  • Poles: $5/Day
  • Damage Deposit: $50

  1. A "half day" is defined as 4 hours. We do allow customers to pick up bikes for half day demos/rentals the night before they plan to use them, but they must be returned by 12pm the next day.
  2. Damage deposits are required on all equipment. Depending on the number of items being rented by the customer, damage deposit totals may be adjusted at the discretion of OGE.
  3. We do not lease our equipment for the season. Barring special circumstances, the maximum allowed time for rental is two (2) weeks. Multi-day discounts apply only to rental equipment, not demo equipment.