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Jandd - Low Front Rack

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Jandd - Low Front Rack

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When touring or commuting exclusively by road or in areas where ground clearance is not an issue, the Jandd Low Front Rack is an optimal choice. By locating panniers up front and below your bike's center of gravity, you can actually influence a heavily loaded bike to handle better than a bike with the same load mounted at the rear. The Jandd Low Front utilizes a uniquely simple design comprised of a single 3/8" 6061 aluminum rod that forms the entire main frame of the rack. Reverse inverted attachment armatures are double-welded at their bases for easy mounting to the lower fork eyelets. Slotted mounting tracks near the top of the rack allow for easy adaptation to almost any fork configuration. All stress points are double-welded.

FAQ: Will the rack fit my front fork attachment points?

Answer: The distance between the bottom attachment hole and the slot is slightly greater than 4” to 8.5”. So take a ruler and measure that distance as long as you fall in between you should fit. If you are slightly outside of this measurement the bottom attachment leg can be bent a bit to allow another .25 to .5 inches. Also, clamps can be used to make the low rack fit.


  • Weight: 26.5 oz/752 g
  • Length: 13.25 in/34 cm
  • Height: (Overall) 14 in/35.5 cm
  • Height: Pannier Mounting 12 in/30.5 cm
  • Width: 6 in/15.25 cm

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