Jetboil - Jetlink Accessory Hose

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Jetboil - Jetlink Accessory Hose

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Use the JetLink hose to daisy chain Jetboil and Eureka! multi-burner stoves together to create a four burner kitchen that rivals your one at home! Daisy chain Jetboil to Jetboil, Eureka! to Eureka! or Jetboil to Eureka!.


  • Allows connection of multiple Jetboil/Eureka! propane stoves via JetLink port to be run off of a common fuel source and regulator
  • Compatible with Genesis, HalfGen, Gonzo Grill, Spire, Spire Plus, Ignites and Ignite Plus (NOTE: Ignite stoves must be the last line in a JetLink chain of linked stoves, it cannot be the starting point)
  • Rugged braided stainless steel hose design


  • Length: 36 in
  • Minimum weight: 9 oz

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