Julbo - Pipeline Zebra Lens Glasses

Julbo - Pipeline Zebra Lens Glasses

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With a lightweight, sleek design, and breathable, open temples, the Pipeline is ready for action on the road, trail or water. Julbo couples this innovative new frame design with its most technical performance lens to meet the demands of athletes in any condition. The Zebra® photochromic lens darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity. It can change from a light transmission rate of 42% to just 7%! Its anti-fog coating, directly integrated via laser, guarantees maximum efficiency and long life. Zebra® is recommended for mountain biking, trail biking, running, climbing, skiing, riding and other outdoor sports. The Zebra® lens has a very quick activation time: from 22 to 28 seconds.



  • The photochromic lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with light intensity. Protection category 1 to 3.
  • Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity
  • Hydrophobic coating on the outside: prevents marking and facilitates the removal of water.
  • Soft material: less risk of injury during falls
  • Brown tint: accentuates relief.

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