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Julbo - Titan Goggles

Julbo - Titan Goggles

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The Titan is the perfect goggle for indulging your passion in the great outdoors. It boasts an ultra-comfortable XXL frame and a maximised field of view that's ultra-clear and precise thanks to a photochromic technology taken to the limit by Julbo. With its slender frame and fluid design perfectly suited to wearing a helmet, it's sure to become a classic!


  • Additional ventilation via the lens to prevent any fogging
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Cuts on the frame for more flexibility
  • Integrated airflow in lenses, preventing fogging
  • 15 mm extension on each side of the goggles to adapt to all helmets & for homogeneous hold
  • Dual silicone strap to facilitate goggle hold all the way round the helmet
  • Two loops either side of the strap for symmetrical adjustment in the blink of an eye
  • Two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption
  • Spherical Lens


  • Camel 2-4: Polarizing and photochromic lens (cat. 2 to 4) for freeriders
  • Zebra 2-4: Photochromic lens (cat. 2 to 4) for all-terrain riders
  • Zebra Light 1-3: Photochromic lens (cat. 1 to 3) for backcountry riders
  • Snow Tiger 2-3: Photochromic and anti-glare lens (category 2 to 3) for all-mountain riders

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