Julbo - Truck Falcon Lens Sunglasses

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Julbo - Truck Falcon Lens Sunglasses

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This vintage looking Truck features the modern Falcon lens which reacts to light and also blocks glare.

  • The photochromic lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with the intensity of the light. Protection category 2 to 3.
  • BWS or "Behind the Windshield": sensitive to visible light. The lens will get darker behind a windshield and is therefore particularly suitable for driving.
  • Polarizing: eliminates glare from all reflective surfaces — water, tarmac, glass, etc. — and provides the purest of vision.
  • Anti-reflective coating: reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare.
  • Oil-repellent coating: prevents finger or grease marks and makes cleaning easier.
  • Copper color: contrast is emphasized, colors are enhanced and vision is more comfortable, making the lens particularly suitable for driving.

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