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K2 - Phase Helmet

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The new Phase features a combination of Passive-Channel and Active-Matrix venting that keeps your head comfortable in all conditions, while the goggle vents under the brim help keep your goggles fog-free. The combination of K2’s Full-Wrap Liner System and K2dialed Fit System creates the most comfortable fit in a slim hard-shell design. The Phase Pro helmets also offer a Level 2 Baseline Audio System and a removable Sneak Attack Bandana offers an additional face-layer to keep you rocking in style.


Hard-Shell construction sets the standard for what a tough, reliable helmet is meant to be and is characterized by bonding an injection molded ABS shell to a layer of impact absorbing EPS foam. The lightweight EPS forms the inner layer of the “Hard-Shell” and is the primary component that crushes during impact to absorb and dissipate energy. Cradling the EPS is an injection molded ABS “Hard” Shell that protects the EPS from dings and nicks.


The K2dialed Fit System creates a custom-fitting helmet no matter what your head shape. An ergonomically inspired three-point adjustable interface maximizes fit and customization with the twist of a dial. This allows for the ultimate convenience of being able to make fit adjustments on the fly. The end result of the K2dialed Fit System is customized helmet fit just for you. Available on Diversion, Virtue, Rival BC, Rival Pro, Rival, Ally Pro, Ally, Phase Pro, Phase, Illusion, Shadow and Clutch Rental.


This full-coverage, washable liner features a crown mesh that wicks moisture and breathes where you need it to while snugly cradling your head, creating the unmatched fit of a K2 Helmet. The Full-Wrap Liner System is seamlessly integrated with our K2dialed Fit System and K2 Baseline Audio, creating the ultimate user experience. No gaps equals better fit and more comfort. You don’t wear boots without socks, so why would you wear a helmet without a liner? Available on every single K2 helmet.

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