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Kelty - Tumbler 40/60 Sleep Bag

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Kelty - Tumbler 40/60 Sleep Bag

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Some like it hot, and some like it cold. Spring, summer or fall, the Tumbler 40/60 bag easily adapts to every season to keep everyone smiling comfortably under the stars. With dual-temp technology, you can flip from the hot side that’s got extra warm Cloudloft™ insulation to the cool side that’s got a little less. A cotton liner blend will add to the coziness and a side-lock zipper will let you vent freely. Finding the perfect sleeping temperature has never required less effort.

Bag Features:

  • Kelty Cloudloft™ insulation offers soft, high-loft warmth with durable compressibility
  • On colder nights, or a chilly pre-dawn use the thicker insulated 40F side of the bag
  • On warmer nights, flip the bag over for a little less insulation on the 60F side
  • Locking zippers  with dual sliders - allow for easy venting or fully unzip and use as a blanket
  • The full length draft tube with antisnag zipper construction ensures warmth and easy-maneuvering through the night
  • The Tumbler series includes external snaps, to secure it inside another rectangular bag, as an added warmth layering system
  • Or, use the liner loops to secure an extra layer inside the Tumbler on chillier nights
  • The Tumbler includes a custom-sized stuff sack for easy transport and storage

Temp Rating: 40/60° F / 4/16° C
Shape: Rectangular

  • Fits to: 6 ft 6 in. / 198 cm                                   
  • Length: 80 in. / 203 cm
  • Shoulder girth: 68 in. / 173 cm
  • Fill weight: 27 oz. / .76 kg
  • Total weight: 3 lbs 10 oz. / 1.62 kg
  • Stuffed diameter: 9 in. / 23 cm
  • Stuffed length: 18 in. / 46 cm

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