Kinco - Women's Unlined Deerskin Gloves

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Kinco - Women's Unlined Deerskin Gloves
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Kinco Glove Sizing

The majority of people wear the wrong sized glove for their hand. This could cause harm or hand fatigue to the wearer when in an important working environment such as on the farm or at a construction site. Kinco always offers generous and consistent sizing, to give our customers the best day of work possible. To ensure that you have selected the most appropriate size for your hand, please review the following information on how to size your hand in order to identify the right glove for you!


How to Measure

Find your glove size quickly and easily by finding the circumference of your palm using a measuring tape. The measurement (in inches) should be taken from the inside of your thumb to the outside of your pinky finger and will be converted to your Kinco glove size. To ensure an accurate sizing, use your dominate hand when you’re measuring. We’ve included a reference table at right to help you determine the most appropriate size for your hand.


What about “One-Size Fits All”?

If the glove-style you’ve selected is made in “one-size fit’s all,” please note that the average for this type of glove would fit a men’s size Medium to Large and a women’s size Small to Medium.

NOTE: Depending on the specific glove type, you may find that a smaller or larger size may fit you best. This is due to the variance in sizing based on the material thickness and stitching.


Size Chart

Adult Size Men's Women's
Small 7" - 8" 6" - 7"
Medium 8" - 9" 7" - 8"
Large 9" - 10" 8" - 9"
X-Large 10" - 10.5"  
XX-Large 10.5" - 11"  

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