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Mammut RAS Removable Airbag System

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Mammut RAS Removable Airbag System

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The Mammut/Snowpulse R.A.S. is a removable avalanche airbag system designed to prevent the user from being buried in the event of an avalanche.

There has been a lot of interest in avalanche airbag systems over the past few years. The national media has reported on some high-profile incidents in which skiers' lives have been saved by these devices, and they do have an impressive track record of preventing burial and aiding rapid search-and-rescue efforts after being deployed in real-world emergencies. As a result, they can be a worthwhile investment for committed backcountry enthusiasts - but remember, they aren't a license to ignore the danger signs of avalanches. Even if you buy an airbag system, you should still be knowledgeable about avalanche dangers, avoid high-risk areas and conditions, ski with a partner, and carry a beacon, probe, and shovel.

With that said, let's talk about this particular Snowpulse airbag system. It's self-contained and easily removable, which means you can leave it behind when you want to use your backpack without the airbag. You can also transfer it into another RAS compatible pack, so that you have the most suitable backpack for the occasion - a smaller one for day trips or a larger one for multi-day tours, all using the same airbag.  Once you arm the system and pull the attached t-handle, a bright red 150-liter airbag blows up behind your head to help keep you on top of the snow. Hang on, buddy - help is on the way.

If you pick up the RAS system from this page, be sure to also pick up a compatible backpack and an inflation cartridge, all of which are available here on GearX.com.

Feature list from Mammut:

  • Compatible with all R.A.S. ready backpacks
  • Airbag: due to the red signal color a faster localization is possible; square shaped airbag; position of airbag keeps head on top and offers excellent buoyancy
  • Airbag Volume: 150 liters
  • System weight: 850 grams
  • Airbag inflation: approx. 3 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C - +40 °C
  • Easily stowable deployment handle
  • Proven Snowpulse airbag technology

Optimally suitable for

Freeriding / Boarding, Skitouring / Backcountry Skiing

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