Mammut - X-Shot Headlamp

Mammut - X-Shot Headlamp

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A very bright headlamp with an average light output of 140 lumens, the Mammut X-Shot is a good choice for those who are climbing or working at night and have lighting needs that go beyond just reading in their tent. In its high-output spotlight mode, the X-Shot can throw a 20-degree beam of light up to 110 meters (360 feet) away, while its low-output floodlight mode provides a 45-degree beam of light to a distance of 14 meters (45 feet) with a battery burn time of 200 hours. Two other in-between modes let you balance visual range with power consumption. 


  • Four lighting modes, including low-and-high output flood and spot lights
  • Rear red LED so your climbing partners can see you
  • Emergency flashing mode
  • Battery indicator light
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Switch lock to prevent accidental turn-on
  • 3 AA batteries included
  • Weight: 95g (105g with batteries)



Mode Output          Seeing Distance           Battery Life
Floodlight          Low 14m / 46 feet 200 hours
Floodlight High 20m / 65 feet 80 hours
Dual Light   40 m / 131 feet 30 hours
Spot Light   110 m / 360 feet 15 hours

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