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MANDUKA - unblok

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The Recycled Foam unBLOK is here to take yoga poses a step further. With its functional, sleek design, and high-quality eco-friendly materials, this revolutionary block will help you unBLOK your practice this year.

• 0.6 lbs.; 4” x 6" x 9”
• Slip resistant finish, a soft & comfortable hand, firm support, radius
edges, strength & durability
• Over 50% recycled material in every block provides a higher level of recycled
material than any other recycled foam block currently in the market
• Increases comfort on the wrist in standing poses as wrist can rest more
comfortably on the curved edge of the block than a standard flat side
• The iconic contoured design evolves the function of a yoga block while still
allowing for the block to be completely stable and user friendly
• The adjacent & dual curves allow for versatility in traditional poses,
offering a deeper, more natural arc support while the flat sides of the block maintain the support of
a traditional block
• Increases comfort in heart openers and back bends when
lying on the ground so the back can rest more comfortably on the block


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