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Michelin - Cyclocross Mud 700 X 30 Bike Tire

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It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular cyclocross tires around. Built on a supple, state of the art racing tire casing, it has the supple feel you'll want when the going gets gnarly. And the tread has been refined to precisely balance the conflicting demands of traction and efficiency - with its specially shaped and spaced knobs that help avoid the unnerving squirm associated with poorly designed knob designs. When going fast in adverse conditions, you'll be glad you're rolling on Cyclocross Mud2™ 'cross tires.

  • Proven knobby tread design with carefully spaced and shaped tread blocks, designed for impressive traction in most conditions
  • Supported multi-level tread knobs for reduced squirm and enhanced control
  • ESC extra-supple casing for flexibility, performance and lightweight
  • Silica Energy tread compound for efficiency and mud shedding


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