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Moji - 360 Mini Massager

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Moji 360 Mini Massager rolls to relieve all your sore muscles, with two special spheres to perform specific functions. You'll notice there is a larger sphere at the top, by your fingertips and the largest one by the heel of your hand. The top sphere provides a targeted massage, hence why they call it the "Target Sphere". The largest sphere at the bottom digs super deep, using the heel of your hand to provide the most intense massage. Again, hence the name "Intensity Sphere". Simply put, the larger the freely-rotating massage sphere, the more intense the massage.


  • Relaxes sore muscles
  • Targets hard to reach areas
  • Works on all sore muscles
  • Super portable & easy to use
  • Three sizes of massage spheres
  • Adjustable clasp
  • Easy to clean
  • 1 Year Warranty

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