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Mountain Hardwear - Flip 35/50 Sleeping Bag

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One of our favorite bags for car camping and travel, the Flip 35/50 is like two bags and a quilt, all in one. The top and bottom of the bag are insulated with differing amounts of Thermal.Q insulation, so you can flip it one side up for a 35 degree rating on cooler nights, or the other side up for a 50 degree rating in the summer; you can also unzip it fully into a quilt and share it with someone. For an even better couple's experience, zip two Flips together and use them as a single two-person bag. 

Feature list from Mountain Hardwear:

  • Flip the bag from one side to the other to change temperature rating
  • Roomy and versatile semi-rectangular cut
  • Off-set quilt construction eliminates cold spots from seams
  • Can be zipped to another rectangular bag or unzipped as a blanket
  • Adjustable draw cord top
  • Chest storage pocket
  • Thermic MX™ insulation has outstanding loft and excellent compressibility



Weight: 2 lb 12 oz. / 1.25 kg

Insulation: Thermal.Q synthetic insulation

Lining: 75D Polyester Taffeta

Shell: 50D Nylon Taffeta

Loft: 4 in / 10 cm

Stuff Size: 8 in / 20 cm

Inside Length: 78 in / 198 cm

Shoulder Girth: 62 in / 157 cm

Foot Girth: 38 in / 97 cm

Hip Girth: 58 in / 147 cm



Mountain Hardwear was established in 1992 by a group of passionate people who believed that anything is possible, and that anything worth pursuing in life required challenge.

In their first 18 years, Mountain Hardwear has been focused on the literal mountain. Climbing to the highest peaks in the world, standing on their summits and celebrating the moment. They have always looked for the next big climb, the steepest descent, the longest wild run to feed their insatiable appetite to test their resolve, push beyond perceived limits, and learn a little more about themselves.

At, we carry a wide selection of Mountain Hardwear products to help you meet those challenges. 



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