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MSR - Lightning Ascent Women's Snowshoe

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MSR - Lightning Ascent Women's Snowshoe

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The best women's snow shoe on the market! Why do I make that claim? Let's take it feature by feature. First the Lightning Ascent is low weight; the blade frame provides all the structure of the more common tube frame while serving the additional purpose of creating a 360 degree crampon. Since these snowshoes are meant for women, who tend to have smaller frames and a different gait than men, MSR partnered with an orthopedic gait specialist to ensure that you won't be kicking yourself with every step the way you would with a snowshoe designed for a man. Plus these are the Ascent model, which means that they are meant for hiking up hill for long periods of time, and to aid you in that endeavor the engineers at MSR took a page from the ski bindings builder manual. The MSR women's Lightning Ascent snowshoes include a climbing bar which lets you step flat even though you are walking up hill. The icing on the cake with these snowshoes is their binding; simple, secure, adjustable and waterproof. Three rubbery straps over the top of your boot (hiking, mountaineering, snowboard...) plus one behind the heel mean that the binding won't shift, come loose or freeze up. Best womens snowshoe ever.

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