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MSR - Superfly Stove

MSR - Superfly Stove



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Sometimes while taking on additional provisions you don't have the time or resources to pick and match specific fuel canisters to specific stove brands. That's why MSR designed their SuperFly Stove with a Multi-Mount that adapts to a range of self-sealing fuel canister shapes and sizes, including standard North American canisters and European-style CampGaz canisters. 


  • Multi-Mount adapts to a wide range of self-sealing canisters
  • AutoStart ignition system for match-free lighting
  • Excellent flame distribution heats pots and pans quickly and efficiently
  • Glove-friendly flame adjustment feature
  • MSR IsoPro fuel boil time for 1 liter at sea level in 70F conditions: 3 min.
  • Minimum configured weight: 5.1 oz. (144 g.)
  • Packaged weight: 6.3 oz. (189 g.)