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MTI - underDOG PFD

MTI - underDOG PFD

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Putting the flotation under the dog! With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the underDOG supports the natural swim angle of the dog. The rear is allowed to sink lower than the forelegs, freeing the hind legs to swim more efficiently. The neck is supported so that the head rides higher above the water line, helping your dog to be less fatigued after a long swim - they would tell you so if they could!

Fit tips: Like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them will fall perfectly within our sizing chart due to differences in breed shape and coat thickness. Chest measurement is taken around the widest part of the rib cage.

  • Always tighten all straps securely.
  • Grab both handles when lifting dog out of water.
  • Test in shallow water before regular use.



Colors: Red/Mango

XS (2-12 lbs)
S (12-24 lbs)
M (24-60 lbs)
L (60-90 lbs)
XL (90-120 lbs)

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