Help Defend Our Public Lands

The President’s decision to reduce the size of both the Bears Ears National Monument and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is disheartening. The devaluing of our nation’s beautiful wild spaces via shortsighted policies must never become the status quo, nor should the willful indifference to the wishes of the millions of Americans who have stood up to support the preservation and expansion of our public lands.

When political expediency and backroom dealings undermine our national heritage, the decision to stand against such destructive policies must be made swiftly, and surely. Outdoor Gear Exchange has long been a supporter of The Conservation Alliance, and the preservation of our wilderness and wild lands is paramount to our mission of accessibility of the outdoors for all. We stand with the Conservation Alliance and all of its member companies in the fight to stop assaults on our nation’s public lands—follow these links to learn what you can do to help.