nCamp Gear - Compact Wood Burning Stove

nCamp Gear - Compact Wood Burning Stove

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The nCamp Stove is designed to use twigs from the forest for fuel, reducing weight in your pack and providing a virtually endless supply of fuel. nCamp's stove has an innovative collapsing combustion chamber, allowing it to pack flat and reducing bulk in your pack. It is designed to use wood, but it can also use solid (hexamine) and liquid fuels (diethylene glycol).


  • Height: 6.3in. (16cm)
  • Length: 6.5” (16.5 cm)
  • Width: 9” (22.8 cm)
  • Height: 1.5” (3.8 cm)-packed
  • Weight: 29.4oz (.83kg)

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