NEMO - Astro Insulated Lite Mattress

NEMO - Astro Insulated Lite Mattress

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Lightweight and simple, the Astro™ series offers a plush 3” thickness, with baffles in the best direction for comfort, and a raised baffle at the head end to supplement your pillow.

Astro™ series pads are built to bring maximum comfort to adventures like backpacking, where weight and packed size are critical. These pads have a generous 3” thickness, durable polyester fabric and a raised portion at the head end to supplement your pillow. The baffles in the Astro™ series run across the pad, perpendicular to your arms and legs, making their contours barely noticeable. Astro™ pads include a stuff sack, compression strap, and repair patches. Check out the PIllowtop™ accessory to convert your Astro™ into a luxurious camping pad.


  • Minimum weight: 1 lb 3 oz / 540 g
  • Minimum temperature zone: 15 to 25 F / -9 to -3 C
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Width: 20 in / 51 cm
  • Length: 72 in / 183 cm
  • Thickness: 3 in / 8 cm
  • Insulation Type: PrimaLoft
  • Packed size: 8 x 4 in / 20 x 10 cm
  • Fabric: 20D Polyester Ultralight Airlock Elite
  • Color: Elite Yellow

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