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Nemo - Puffin Blanket

Nemo - Puffin Blanket

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Puffin is perfect for home, camp, or on-the-go. Fold and button the bottom of the blanket to create a unique cozy space for your feet. The Puffin™ uses outdoor technical fabrics which are soft, quiet and remarkably warm. 


  • Foot Nook and Catenary Shape set the Puffin™ from other camping blankets. 
  • Fun colors, buttery soft nylon micro-ripstop and lofty synthetic insulation make the Puffin Blanket perfect for any occasion. 
  • Constructed from buttery soft nylon micro-ripstop and NEMO’s custom-blend ultra lofty synthetic insulation for packability and comfort. 
  • Unique storage bag is designed to minimize stress on fabrics, the integrated mesh top prevents moisture damage. 
  • The Foot Hideaway creates a cozy nook to tuck in your feet, minimizing drafts. 

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