Nemo - Tenshi 4 Season 2P Tent

Nemo - Tenshi 4 Season 2P Tent



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For the true alpine warrior, the Tenshi™ stands apart for being able to offer security and comfort from the glacier to the summit. 

When your adventures take you to the ends of the earth, NEMO’s Extreme Conditions Technology (ECT) will keep you safe and comfortable. Nemo has developed a long  list of features and technologies designed specifically to combat problems often faced by alpinists and other winter adventurers. 


  • CONDENSATION CURTAIN™: Experienced climbers know that condensation can be a real hassle at high altitude. Waking up to find the inside of your tent lined with frost is a pain in the neck, and a problem that highly breathable fabrics (even mesh) can’t completely eliminate. That’s why NEMO created the Condensation Curtain™, a thin piece of nylon fabric that hangs lightly above your sleeping bag at night, and isolates your respiration in a small portion of the tent, eliminating frost build-up. The Condensation Curtain™ can be easily removed from the tent to shake off any moisture in the morning.
  • SLEEP TIGHT ANCHOR TRANSFER™ (STAT™): The STAT™ allows you to stay tied-in and dry while sleeping inside Tenshi™ on an exposed wall or in a precarious position on a big mountain. Traditionally, mountaineers run a line from their harness to an external anchor through an opening in the door of the tent. But this method compromises the weatherproofness of the shelter, and also creates slack during a potential fall. The STAT™ eliminates these problems with complete weatherproofness and a direct anchor line. 
  • PRESSURE PORTING™: Pressure Porting™ is a patent pending technology that dissipates wind loading on overhead vents. Small openings along the seam of the vent allow some air to escape when high winds fill the vent. An outer flap conceals these openings and prevents rain and snow from entering. Pressure Porting™ technology allows your tent to be well ventilated even during high winds.
  • TRIANGULATED GUY-OUTS: ECT™ shelters are equipped with numerous guy-out points for strengthening the tent poles and shell during the worst conditions. The tents come with guy-out cords that can be attached to any of the guy points, equalized, and secured to a tent stake or other anchor.
  • INTERNALLY DEPLOYABLE VENTS: Many ECT™ tents have large overhead vents designed to increase airflow and reduce condensation. Each vent is equipped with a small strut along the vent opening for easy adjustment from the inside. Vents can be closed during severe weather.
  • POLE WRAPS: Internal pole wraps allow you to quickly set up your tent from the outside, and then take your time to secure the poles while protected inside your tent. NEMO’s internal pole wraps are designed to be easier to grab with gloves than traditional pole wraps because of longer pull tabs. Double sided Velcro® enables fastening to be done in either direction, minimizing setup time.
  • SNOW SKIRT: When the weather gets rough outside, snow skirts are a special feature that help block wind from entering your tent. When weighed down with snow, they also protect you from snow drift and spin drift.
  • SNAP CORNERS FOR POLE ENDS: NEMO’s internal pole tents eliminate the need for any pole sleeves, clips, or extra hardware that can add ounces to your packed weight. Button snaps in the tent corners help seat the pole ends and keep them from shifting.


Shell Fabric 40D OSMO™ W/B (4000mm)
Vestibule Fabric 30D PU Nylon Ripstop (1500mm)
Fly Fabric N/A
Canopy Fabric N/A
Floor Fabric 70D PU Nylon Ripstop (5000mm)
Color Skyburst Orange

Additional Information

Shelter Type Single Wall Tent
Capacity 2 person
Season 4 season
Doors 1 Door
Floor Area 28 sq ft
Tent Floor Area sq feet 28
Vestibule Area 11 sq ft
Floor Dimensions 84 x 47 inches
Peak Height 42 inches
Number of Poles 2
Pole Material DAC Featherlite NSL
Packaged Weight 7 lbs 3 oz
Fast Pack Weight 4 lbs 6 oz
Packed Size 15 x 7 inches

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