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Nordic Skater - Home Sharpening Kit

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This affordably-priced do-it-yourself kit designed for hand-sharpening Nordic Skate and Multiskate ice blades made by Zandstra, Lundhags or Isvidda. This kit consists of two extruded aluminum end rails; fasten the tips of your blades to one of the end rails, and fasten the tails of your blades to the other. Also included: A 10"x2" double-sided polishing stone, a 2"x1" deburring stone, and an instruction sheet.


  • For sharpening all makes and models of detachable Nordic ice skate blades, including both Nordic Skates and Multiskates
  • Two-piece jig accommodates blades of any length, including 55cm (21-inch)
  • Sharpens both blades together
  • Double-sided sharpening stone and deburring stone included