Ortlieb - Rack Pack Waterproof Bag

Ortlieb - Rack Pack Waterproof Bag

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Versatile waterproof travel and sports bag with roll closure, and removable padded shoulder strap. Sizes S and M are ideal for combining with Ortlieb Back-Roller or Front-Roller panniers on the rear rack of a bicycle, and size XL fits perfectly into Yak trailers by BOB.



  • Available in 4 sizes (24, 31, 49, & 89 liter capacities)
  • Multipurpose bag for many activities: 
  • Sports (e.g. carrying wet clothing), travel, leisure, biking, motor biking
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Easily accessible bag with wide opening
  • Can be combined with ORTLIEB Back-Rollers and Front-Rollers on top of the rack
  • Easy to clean inside
  • Comes with padded shoulder strap

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