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Ortovox - Avalanche Rescue Kit

Ortovox - Avalanche Rescue Kit

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The Avalanche Rescue Kit from Ortovox comes with the crucial elements for avalanche rescue: the 3+ Avalanche Transceiver, the Beast Avalanche Shovel, and the 240 Light PFA Avalanche Probe, along with the Safety Academy book for training or pre-trip refreshers.

The 3+ Avy Transceiver:

You get better found 
The 3+ is a three-antenna device with a special extra function to first enhance your own safety. The intelligent position recognition system analyses the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the optimal transmitting antenna. There is no longer any such thing as the 'worst position'. 

You find faster 
The circular display lets you focus on the essentials. The distance to and the relative position of a victim. Always align the device to the arrow. The solid arrow and the central distance value keep you going in the right direction. 

You find more exactly 
The patented circular display shows you at a glance whether you are getting closer to the signal or moving away from it. With the precise distance value you can very effectively determine the distance to the buried victim and limit the area to be probed. 

You find more victims 
The 3+ allows you to maintain an overview even with multiple burials. The number of victims is shown in the display. As soon as you have found the first one you can blend out their signal with the pin key. The victim is displayed as pinned and you can immediately continue with your search. 

Safety features: 
Smart antenna technology enhances your own safety. Signal separation with pinning function. 
Very easy operation due to: clear control elements, precise real time display with directional arrows and circular display. Rubberized housing for protection and ergonomics. Display lighting for night searches, switchover in case of a follow-up avalanche, clear and optimized search acoustics, updateability. 

Receive function: digital
No. of antennas: 3
Maximum range: up to 40 m
Search strip width: up to 40 m
Reliable signal analysis and pinning function: 3 and more
Transmission capacity: approx. 250h
Dimensions: 73x122x27mm
Weight (incl. battery and bag): approx. 210g
Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche: 120 sec.
Optimized power consumption: 1 Alkaline AA 1,5 V LR06
Precise self-test: transmitter, receiver, battery status and sensor test
  • Five-year warranty
  • Online registration with additional information
  • Patented Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Automatic location of the strongest transmission signal
  • Intuitive circular display of the refined location
  • Distance and direction display
  • Display backlight
  • Intuitive display of multiple victims
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Microprocessor control
  • High-quality rubber sleeve
  • Intuitive design
  • Comfortable bag with elastic strap for device
  • Hand loop
  • Electronic monitoring and update-compatible
  • Precise partner/group test;checks transmitter frequency, pulse duration and transmission period
  • Permanent monitoring of the transmitter in transmission mode

The Beast Shovel:


Our Beast stands for maximum performance in any type of snow. The scoop vanishes into every touring backpack saving space and offers an optimal ratio between weight and maximum rigidity. The T-handle and sanded grip enable economic shoveling. The oval shovel shaft makes the Beast not only stiffer but also extremely resistant to breakage. 

Material: 6061 aluminum T6 (shaft) 
5052 aluminum (blade) 

240 Light FPA Probe:

The probe for all weight-oriented winter sport athletes. With 270 g it is the lightest pfa aluminum probe in the Ortovox probe range. With the pfa quick-release tensioning system and the rugged Dyneema draw line, it is ready for use in seconds and just as quickly collapsed again and put together. Slippage of the segments can be ruled out! At 240 cm the burial depth can be read on the individual segments. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam is very pleasant for practice. It is fits ergonomically in the hand and protects the palms from the cold. 
Like all ORTOVOX probes, the 240 Light pfa is delivered with a practical quick-release cover.