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Ortovox - Kodiak Shovel

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Ortovox - Kodiak Shovel

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The Kodiak is more than just a bear which lives in Alaska! This Kodiak brings with it the same weapons as its namesake: a big paw, sharp claws and uncompromising robustness. The crucial factors for a good shovel are the materials it is made of and the sophistication of its design. The Kodiak is made of 6061 aluminum, the best available at the moment for shovel production. As in all the Ortovox shovels, only oval tubes are used which have a much higher breaking strength than round shapes. The shovel scoop was designed according to the same principle. The curved edges of the large scoop absorb the forces evenly and distribute them in all directions. In this way there are no peak forces which can lead to breakage. And of course, a robust shovel can only function well though if the ergonomics are good. Ortovox has provided the Kodiak with a D-handle which helps it fit your hand very well. The telescopic shaft has a grip area which is sanded to prevent hands or gloves from sliding off.

Tests in the past have shown that with strategic shoveling and a combination of various techniques much time can be saved while rescuing a victim. One of these techniques is the shovel's chopping function. Ortovox completely redesigned the scoop so as to develop an inimitable featur: the shaft retracts exactly into an aluminum guide on the scoop and thereby converts into an adequate axe. In combination with the D-handle, this means that crucial time can be saved when chopping in the race to save lives.

With a total weight of 770 grams and packed size of 49cm, the Kodiak is suitable for all types of ski tours and may even find fans in parks. Building kickers from hard packed snow in the future should be no problem for the Kodiak.

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