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Petzl - NAO Reactive Headlamp

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Petzl - NAO Reactive Headlamp

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Forget who you are supposed to yield the trail to when the going gets steep and you see someone coming your way, the most important trail etiquette has to do with headlamps. Nothing gets my goat like someone who repeatedly shines their headlamp in my face. Enter the Nao Reactive headlamp, focus on reactive. This friendship saver dims when faced with reflected or projected light, so no more blinding your friend. Readers rejoice this lamp will dim when you raise a book in front of your face!

Learn more about Reactive Technology here!


  • Headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology has a sensor to detect ambient lighting, allowing it to adapt its beam pattern and the power of its two LEDs instantly and automatically to lighting needs. The NAO headlamp: 
    - offers adapted, comfortable lighting (from 7 to 355 lumens)
    - keeps the hands free longer 
    - increases lighting duration by making optimal use of the energy source
  • Two lighting modes available: 
    - continuous mode
  • Customized lighting with OS by Petzl software (free for download at www.petzl.com/OS) allows the user to: 
    - regulate light intensity and lighting time and distance based on the activity 
    - register up to 4 activity profiles on the headlamp for direct activation based on your needs 
    - create up to 5 lighting levels per mode 
    - create and share personalized profiles
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery: 
    - performs well at low temperatures 
    - easily rechargeable with the integrated USB connection (compatible with all USB chargers: cell phone, MP3 player, computer, portable energy source, solar panel, car cigarette lighter, etc.) 
    - with battery charge indicator 
    - can be replaced, if necessary, with two AAA/LR03 batteries (reduced performance)
  • Multifunction on/off switch can be locked to avoid accidentally turning it on when stored/transported
  • Headlamp is stable on the head with the Zephyr adjustable headband, which easily tucks away when transporting the headlamp, and the extra top strap for technical activities

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