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Petzl - Pixa 3 Headlamp

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Pixa 3 is a multi-beam headlamp adapted for close-range work, for moving around and for long-range vision.

  • Mounting plate for helmets without headband (included)
  • Three lighting modes:
  • - a mode adapted for close-range work: wide, uniform beam, lights to 15 meters for 12 hours (30 lumens)
  • - a mode adapted for movement: mixed beam with focused component allows user to move around comfortably, lights to 30 meters for 6 hours (40 lumens)
  • - a mode adapted for long-range vision: highly focused beam, lights to 55 meters for 3 hours (50 lumens)
  • Constant lighting, guaranteed lighting performance that does not diminish during its entire lifetime
  • Reserve lighting when batteries are almost discharged: lights to 15 meters for a minimum of 10 hours
  • Easy to use, even when wearing gloves:
  • - three-mode rotating selector dial
  • - lamp body can be oriented to direct the light according to need (rotation up to 45


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