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Petzl - Tikka XP 2 Headlamp (Closeout)

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Headlamp with 1 high-output LED, 1 red LED and five lighting modes (three continuous and two blinking) and Wide Angle lens The TIKKA XP 2 headlamp integrates two light sources as well as a Wide Angle lens with a simple open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between a long distance focalized beam and flood beam proximity lighting.

The TIKKA XP 2 headlamp is equipped with a white high-output LED and a red LED. The white LED delivers 60 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 60 meters. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 160 hours. The red LED provides lighting to preserve night vision or to become a blinking light for increased safety, for example in an urban environment, etc. TIKKA XP 2 can be used with lithium batteries to decrease weight or increase performance in cold weather.

  • Versatile and powerful:
    - Three white lighting modes (maximum, economic and flashing mode)
    - Two red lighting modes: continuous and blinking
    - type of lighting (white or red) is selected by pressing for two seconds on the push-button (the last mode used remains in the memory until the next use)
    - focused or wide beam with Wide Angle lens
  • One high-output white LED:
    - 60 lumens at maximum level
    - shines up to 60 meters at maximum level
    - 160 h light duration at economic level
  • Signalisation:
    - flashing modes for communicating a need for rescue or alerting others in urban environments
    - integrated whistle aids calling for help during daytime or when visibility is limited
  • Easy to use:
    - electronic push-button switch- battery pack is easy to open
    - ADAPT system is quick to mount- light beam can be aimed
  • Reliable:
    - push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage
    - battery charge indicator light (comes on when the headlamp illuminates for less than 5 m and there is only 50 % burn-time remaining for proximity lighting)
  • Compatible with lithium batteries:
    - lighter than alkaline batteries
    - better performance at lower temperatures
  • Compact, light and comfortable:
    - single compartment contains LEDs and batteries
    - adjustable headband

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LED Info

Aren't all LED's the same? No, there are different LED's in most lamps though they may look the same. Even the high output LEDs that are used in the new Tikka PLUS2, Tikka XP2, Myo XP, and Myo RXP are all "different". However, I'll caution you that you need to be careful about what criteria and data is compared Read More...

LED Info

Aren't all LED's the same? No, there are different LED's in most lamps though they may look the same. Even the high output LEDs that are used in the new Tikka PLUS2, Tikka XP2, Myo XP, and Myo RXP are all "different". However, I'll caution you that you need to be careful about what criteria and data is compared because it's easy to unintentionally confuse what value is desirable in some statistics. For example the "WATTS" of an LED is a very misleading piece of data.

What a "WATT" tells the consumer is simply power consumption, it says nothing at all about efficiency, the light output or LUMEN rating, or the run time. If the end user was really educated manufacturers wouldn't be too concerned about publishing their lamp's LED watt rating since consumers would understand that lower watts is better, but most definitely don't know this and will be misled into thinking that a lamp with a higher wattage LED is the better light - wrong. In fact what a user should look for is efficiency. The best performing lamps will utilize the MINIMUM Wattage LED, that has the HIGHEST Lumen rating, and LONGEST run times on maximum and economic modes. So, what you end up with is that the wattage statistic of an LED is a pretty useless piece of data. As a result a good dose of caution is potentially warranted by any manufacturer that touts their "high watt" LED's.

Another potential misconception in measuring lighting performance is a lamps distance rating. Just because a lamp shoots a beam of light a greater distance it does not mean that it's any brighter. Lamps can do this with more focused optics that project a tighter, narrower beam farther than what you might get from an LED that has the same Lumen intensity rating. If that's the case then the lamp that's been optimized for greater distance performance will do so at the expense of your peripheral vision, which definitely has a point of diminishing returns. You tend to get tunnel vision when working with beams that are very tight. Constantly having to tilt and aim your head to do things doesn't allow you to work like you would in daylight where we tend rotate our eyes in their sockets quite a bit. This is why Petzl designed their XP lights the way they did, they are by far the best compact lamps available. You get great distance lighting and the transitions to and from proximity lighting mode are virtually instantaneous, requiring just a flip or slide of the XP's Wide Angle Diffusing Lens.

In addition to having a much more even spread of light with the XP's diffusing lens in place, you also get the advantage of keeping full spectrum WHITE light in BOTH distance and proximity use modes. What other manufacturers commonly do to address long distance and close range lighting is to have two different LED light sources; typically utilizing a High-output LED for distance, and an array of 5 mm LEDs for proximity lighting. That solution is cumbersome and slow to switch between modes, it doesn't have anywhere near as even a beam pattern on flood as what an XP's Wide Angle Diffusing Lens offers, and most importantly of all you lose the quality full spectrum white light when you turn off the High-output LED and turn on 5 mm diameter LED's. Petzl estimates that 70-80% of the time users will be doing things that require vision within a 10 meter radius. Since this is likely to be the majority of your usage the best lamps will address this need by giving you the whitest possible light with the most even flood beam pattern possible, the Tikka XP2, MYO XP, and MYO RXP all being great examples. Other manufactures might argue that their cylindrical 5 mm diameter LED's have an advantage for proximity lighting since they may be a bit more efficient than a high-output LED, but in real life field use that doesn't end up being the case. You can work easier when the light that you are using simulates sunlight since that is what our brain and eyes are used to processing. Any variation away from full spectrum white light ends up playing "tricks" with your vision, this is especially true with your depth perception when you might be picking up on shadows from obstacles in a trail. In fact, it's easier to work by the light of a lower lumen lamp that's producing full spectrum WHITE light from a quality High-output LED, than it is to work by the "blueish" tint that even the best cylindrical 5 mm diameter LED's can produce. Any potential difference in the efficiencies between the two types of LED's that would seem to favor the 5 mm variety for close proximity work is insignificant at best given the performance advantages of a good High-output LED. For this reason only Petzl's entry level price point Tikkina 2 and Tikka 2 lamps still utilize any 5 mm LEDs at all, Petzl's other models designed for regular use all use the better high quality, full spectrum, WHITE High-output LEDs exclusively.

Back to our original question, yes Petzl's LED's are all different. In fact even the LED's that you'll find in two different lamps of the same model vary. Just like diamonds no two LEDs are the same. As I mentioned LEDs try to mimic the sun by producing each spectrum of light in the rainbow at the exactly the right proportions so that the combined light from each of these wave lengths creates white "sunlight" like light. In the manufacturing process of an LED even the best factories will get significant variation in the quality of the LEDs that come off their production lines. No matter how tight their quality control and consistency is, there will still be an appreciable variation in the Lumens and the "white" quality of light that they get from "identically" produced LEDs. So, what the best manufacturers do then is to manually sort all of their LEDs for performance, placing them into different performance bins and selling the brighter/whiter ones for more money. Petzl sources their LEDs from the best manufacturers that they can find, and the LEDs they purchase come from the "AA" sort bin.

Petzl builds quality, their lights have the best combination of lumens, duration, and "white" light quality of any headlamp manufacturer. The consistency that they emphasize in every aspect of the manufacturing process is second to none. At this point none of Petzl's headlamps, nor any piece of their PPE (personal protective equipment) or ice gear, is manufactured in China. Petzl simply does not want to produce any seconds, even if they may only be cosmetic blems. Once a manufacturer relaxes their quality control and relies on screening what is "acceptable" product from that which is not, the chances of something questionable getting to the public increases. If you are interested in more specifics on any of Petzl's products please visit Petzl's web site, or see the link below that will take you directly on their web site's lighting performance section.

High-output LEDs
High-output LEDs emit light around a 180° sphere. Lenses allow the entire beam to be concentrated forward of the headlamp, at the angle required. Petzl lenses are designed to maximize lighting efficiency in terms of output and beam uniformity.

XP Wide Angle lenses
Headlamps equipped with lenses emit a powerful, narrow, focused beam for lighting over long distances. To adapt this beam when there’s a need for wide-beam lighting, Petzl has designed a retractable Wide Angle Diffusing lens made up of multiple micro-lenses. This feature is found exclusively on Petzl's XP series of lamps.

Cylindrical 5 mm diameter LEDs
These LEDs are used in certain Petzl headlamps and are composed of a lens as well as an internal reflector (support for light source). Because of this, they emit light at a predetermined and fixed angle. For more efficient lighting, Petzl adds a silver-colored finish to certain light bodies containing cylindrical LEDs.

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