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Pieps - DSP Beacon with Shovel Pro and Aluminum Probe

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This three pack includes a sturdy aluminum shovel, probe and the Pieps DSP which supports multiple burial recovery.

The PIEPS DSP is the first patented 3-antenna-transceiver (2003) worldwide with integrated Mark and Scan function for easiest use for companion rescue.

  • Outstanding digital range all around in all directions
  • Direction and distance indication from the start
  • 3 Antennas allow exact pinpointing
  • Search-strip width: 50 m 
    (without turning and swivelling the DSP)
  • iPROBE Support: DSP can be temporarily deactivated
    by the iPROBE
  • Unique self check using a fourth antenna
  • Frequency measurement checks the transmitting
  • Mark- and Scan-Function as additional support in 
    multiple burial scenarios
  • Update possibility to the latest firmware


Transmission frequency 457 kHz (EN 300718)
Power supply 3 x Alkaline (AAA)
Battery lifetime min. 200 h send mode
Maximum range 60 m
Search strip width 50 m
Temperature range -20°C bis +45°C
Weight 198 g (incl. Batteries)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 116 x 75 x 27 mm

The PIEPS Pro with telescope handle and extra large blade is the perfect tool for professional mountain guides, mountain rescue teams and ski instructors.

Together with an avalanche transceiver and probe the avalanche shovel belongs to the recommended standard avalanche safety gear of mountaineers or mountain rescuers.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • own place in the special safety gear compartment in the PIEPS backpacks
  • a special aluminium alloy and a special coating assure extreme durability as well as lowest possible weight
  • telescopic handle


Shovel blade (width)
25 cm | 370 g
Compact handle (length)
Telescopic handle (length)
72 cm | 370 g
Total weight
740 g

The PIEPS probe PIEPS Probe Aluminium is designed to validate a prior pin-pointing and additionally todetermine the position of a buried victim. Together with an avalanche transceiverand an avalanche shovel it belongs to the recommended standard avalanchesafety gear of mountaineers or mountain rescuers.


  • Tubes in two colours made out of a special aluminium alloyguarantee optimal stability
  • Diameter Ø 12,5 mm
  • Quick closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  • Broad cone end for easier probing of hard and compressed snow


Length collapsed
42 cm
42 cm
Probing length
260 cm
300 cm
290 g
330 g

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