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Pieps - Freeride Beacon with Shovel Tour and Carbon Probe

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This three pack includes a sturdy aluminum shovel, light carbon probe and the Pieps Freeride Beacon, which is the size of a modern cell phone.

The PIEPS FREERIDE is a digital 1-antenna transceiver with simple and clear handling - the first transceiver the size of a mobile phone!

  • The FREERIDE has an elliptical receiving range of up to 40 m
  • The dynamic field line guiding and the distinct acoustic signal support the search process
  • iPROBE Support: The FREERIDE can be deactivated temporarily by the iPROBE and the searcher can focus on the next strongest signal. 
  • Auto revert function in case of a secondary avalanche (optional)
  • Small, light, dynamic, cool
  • In open terrain - off the controlled slopes: 
    Never be without your PIEPS!
Transmission frequency 457 kHz (EN 300718)
Battery lifetime min. 200 h send mode
Maximum range 40 m
Search strip 30 m
Temperature range -20°C bis +45°C
Weight 110 g (inkl. Batterie)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 110 x 58 x 24 mm

The small and lightweight PIEPS Tour is the perfect shovel for ski tours in low and high mountain regions. 

Together with an avalanche transceiver and probe the avalanche shovel belongs to the recommended standard avalanche safety gear of mountaineers or mountain rescuers.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • own place in the special safety gear compartment in the PIEPS backpacks
  • a special aluminium alloy and a special coating assure extreme durability as well as lowest possible weight
  • telescopic handle (optional)
Shovel blade (width)
22 cm | 300 g
Compact handle (length)
45 cm | 240 g
Telescopic handle (length)
Total weight
540 g

The PIEPS probe PIEPS Probe Carbon is designed to validate a prior pin-pointing and additionally todetermine the position of a buried victim. Together with an avalanche transceiverand an avalanche shovel it belongs to the recommended standard avalanchesafety gear of mountaineers or mountain rescuers.

  • Robust tubes made of extremely light and high qualitycarbon fibre
  • Diameter Ø 13,25 mm
  • Quick closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  • Broad cone end for easier probing of hard and compressed snow
Tour 220
Tour 260
Length collapsed
42 cm
42 cm
Probing length
220 cm
260 cm
230 g
265 g

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