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Pieps - iProbe Avalanche Probe

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Pieps - iProbe Avalanche Probe



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World novelty PIEPS iPROBE Carbon, an avalanche probe with integrated digital technology, provides a hit and proximity reading of every standard beacon transmitter and enables a short-time deactivation of the detected transmitter (in the case of transceivers with iPROBE support). The first tone is emitted (peep, peep) and the LED illuminates when the tip of the probe is about 2 meters from the transmitting beacon.

At a distance of about 50 cm, a continuous acoustic tone (peeeeep) is emitted and the LED remains continuously illuminated. If the transmitting beacon supports the iPROBE function, the rescuer can deactivate it by pressing the MARK button (probe handle). By pressing the MARK button again for a longer time or by removing the iPROBE tip from the vicinity of the transmitting beacon (>50 cm), the deactivated transmitting beacon is activated once more.

  • PIEPS iPROBE is the Missing Link in multiple avalanche burials.
  • Indication for approaching and hitting to all standard transceivers
  • Unambiguous optical and acoustical indication in the handle.
  • The integrated digital technology enables a temporary deactivation of the already found transceiver (only beacons with iPROBE-Support) the searcher can focus on the next strongest signal! So PIEPS provides the first truly 100% perfect safety solution for multiple avalanche burials!
  • Probing length (mechanical): 2,25 m
  • Probing length total (mech. + electrical indication): 5m
  • Weight: ca. 290g

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