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Seattle Sports - Hydrostar S.U.B. Flashlight

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Our Submersible Utility Beam (S.U.B.) offers unique waterproof performance combined with unlimited self–cranking power.

The S.U.B. features 4 light settings. The first, our unique SnakeEyes Laser: 2 laser lights that are perfect for indicating points of interest or signaling. A super–bright 1/2 watt LED offers great lighting capabilities and a signal strobe. Finally, 2 side LED's provide a power-saving flashlight.

An easy–to–use crank allows endless charging, so you're never dependent on batteries. To maximize your run-time or minimize your cranking, the S.U.B. can also be charged using a standard 6 volt wall charger (provided you have a compatible charging tip).

Along with all these great features, a handy exterior USB charging cable (included) acts as a back–up charger for your iPod®! With an easy–grip rubber textured exterior and submersibility to 10 meters (approx. 30 feet), this is a utility light for all situations.

One minute of cranking provides the following amounts of power (depending on light setting):

  • 1/2 watt LED: 60 minutes
  • Side LEDs: 120 minutes
  • Strobe: 150 minutes
  • SnakeEyes Laser: 9 minutes


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