Sherpa Adventure Gear - Himal Hand Knit Beanie

Sherpa Adventure Gear - Himal Hand Knit Beanie

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Himal is Nepalese for "mountain peak." If you love mountains, and it's your dream to be in them as much as possible, wear the Himal Beanie. Who knows? It might serve as a good luck talisman to make your dream a reality. The graphic is elegantly simple: a jagged mountainscape that hints of the highest mountains in the world: the Himalayan range. Hand-knit of naturally warm and durable lambswool, it's lined in soft, moisture wicking Polarfleece® for itch-free comfort and an extra layer of warmth.


  • Hand knit in small women's co-ops in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, right outside of Kathmandu
  • This 100% Lambswool hat is lined with Polarfleece® for your comfort and itch-free warmth
  • Fabric: 40% Polyester/ 60% Lambswool 
  • Weight: 80g (2.8oz)

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