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Sherpani - Veloce Bike Basket

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Sherpani's new basket design is fun and practical. When going to the market or just pedaling through town the Sherpani Veloce basket allow you to carry your purchases on your bike and yet have a stylish basket to boot. The Veloce basket comes in all the great Sherpani colors and has a versatile collar with a drawstring in our signature Sherpani print to keep all your goodies dry and safe. The basket is easily removed and has a shoulder strap so you can take it into the store with you.

  • Printed lining collar with a drawstring.
  • Easily removable and shoulder strap included.
  • 100% nylon eco-recycled fabric
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Holds up to 25lbs weight capacity
  • Velcro strap mounting allows quick and easy removal
  • Fits various styles of handlebars.