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Slackline Industries - Trick Line 50 Ft

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The next generation of 2-inch slacklines, the Trick Line is made of trampoline material offering a dynamic surface for more bounce. This kit was designed to support the growing popularity of tricklining, the branch of the sport that goes beyond walking by adding jumps, spins and tricks.

Complete kit includes a ratchet with safety lock and main line with a sewn loop on one end. The advertised TrueLength refers to the length of the main line alone. Other companies will advertise a kit length that includes the webbing on the ratchet and the main line. Essentially shorting you on your main line!

The easy-to-use ratchet comes with 8 feet of webbing and a reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the slackline. The handle grip is a soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning and the ratchet release is also rubberized for easy and safe release of the tension on the line.

Custom-designed trampoline-style webbing is made for slacklining and provides extra bounce for dynamic tricks.

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