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Snowpeak - Cook N Save 1.9L Titanium Pot

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Snowpeak - Cook N Save 1.9L Titanium Pot

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Don't feel like finishing that Ramen? Seal it up. Titanium is a lightweight and strong metal that will not rust or melt. More corrosion resistant than stainless steel and more heat resistant than aluminum. Will not emit metallic odors or aggravate metallic allergies. Cook N' Save features a 1.9L or 2-quart titanium pot with an attached handle. Includes two lids- one is a plastic airtight lid that enables the pot to be used for food storage and the other is a titanium cooking lid which also serves as a plate or a prep surface.


Diameter 6.5"

Size: 1.9 liter

Wt. 8.6oz.