Spark R and D - Arc Baseplate Kit Women's

Spark R and D - Arc Baseplate Kit Women's

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For those splitters who already have a set of Blaze, Burner, Magneto and/or AfterBurner bindings, but are now ready for the Tesla T1 System. Switch the heel loop, highbacks, ankle and toe straps onto Tesla T1 baseplates and you are ready to rock.

  • Includes baseplate, Tesla touring bracket, T1 heel rest, hardware.
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs/pair (643g).


  • Compatible with all Tesla System and 2012/13 pin binding models and beyond.
  • Compatible with 2011/12 Blaze and Burner bindings with the addition of the Heel Loop Kit and the Women’s Heel Loop Kit for Small/Medium and Medium/Large baseplates (sold separately).


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