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Suunto - Arrow-30 NH Compass (Open Box)

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Suunto - Arrow-30 NH Compass (Open Box)

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Stock #: 513PX Cosmetic Blemish

Suunto recently called us and made a great offer. They had a cache of first-quality product that had been returned to their repair facility for one reason or another. Everything in it is tested and works perfectly, but the opened/imperfect packaging was preventing the stuff from being returned to general inventory. They offered to sell it all to us at a low price and we jumped on it. Now we're passing those savings on to you!

All complications removed, very fast but still stable, the Suunto Arrow compass is ideal for the competitive orienteer who appreciates not having to stop for the compass needle to settle and not having the compass cluttered with details disturbing superfast work with the map.


  • Available for northern hemisphere only
  • Dual and jewel bearing
  • Twin magnets
  • Fast and wide plastic needle
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens
  • Control marking holes 
  • Extremely fast setting steady needle
  • Printing technology designed for active orienteers
  • Comes with lanyard

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