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The Burgess Book Of Lies

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Bad-boy identical twins Adrian and Alan Burgess have climbed together from the Alps to the Himalayas, from Patagonia to McKinley. They began climbing as youngsters in their native Yorkshire and three decades later, they have become legends in the international climbing community, renowned not only for their strength and skill on the world's most challenging peaks but also for the raucous energy and devil-may-care exuberance they exhibit off the mountain. Follow them on their many adventures: Summiting a 20,000 foot peak alone, without any rope, shedding crampons for the last thirty feet. Inciting a barroom brawl, the air full of flying chairs, potted plants, and bottles. Suspended from a cornice as an avalanche explodes above, terrified the ropes will be cut. Standing helpless as a Sherpa sweeps past, a mere arm's length away, to death far below. Settling down to a life of foxhunts and debutante balls in Colorado. Their tales, some tall, are all full of humor, passion and poignancy, reflecting their commitment to living life to the fullest.

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Year 1999
Author Adrian Burgess, Alan Burgress, Al Burgess